Visit Argentina:

Dark hair; blue eyes. Tango. Late night Malbec with grass-fed beef, grilled.

Wine Background

     Argentina is romantic in very many ways. First, they all think they’re Italian. Second, they’re sooo good looking. Third, in the sexual sense of the word, I give you tango, and the factoid that Buenos Aires is the No. 1 lingerie market on the planet. Fourth, in the adventure sense of the word, Argentina sports such wonderful, barely populated, high-elevation frontiers. The highest vineyard in California is about 3,600 ft. The highest in the world, accessed through the airport at Salta in northwest Argentina, is at about 12,000 ft. Sure, that’s high, but the whole area is still in the rain-shadow of the 22,000-ft Andes. That not enough for you? Try the Euro-ski-elegance of Bariloche in Patagonia. Or the steamy Wild West atmosphere of Iguazu Falls on the northern border shared with Paraguay and Brazil.

Argentine Wine Tourism

     Mendoza is the primary wine district of Argentina. It is actually nearer to Santiago, Chile than to Buenos Aires. That’s convenient, re a flight from the US, because Santiago is also a little bit east of Miami and New York. Except in the dead of Winter (our Summer), the bus trip from Santiago to Mendoza is run regularly. It is also inexpensive, comfortable, and affords spectacular views of the Andes, particularly Mount Aconcagua (the biggest).
     Once you arrive in Mendoza, you’re going to need two things: a car; and a copy of the latest edition of …

Read this post in its entirety at the Stanford Wine Blog called Straight from the Vine. Includes recommendations for Uruguay.

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    this is a great read… strange at first, the midnight dinners in Argentina are habit forming!

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    If you like Argentinian Malbec I think you will enjoy this video: